Welcome Home, Son

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Home: a place that can make or break your character and define you for the rest of your life.

This man from Akron had a dream, grew up to be a lion and was dubbed The King. But one day he left home and wandered another jungle. Home hated him and called him a traitor, but he never faltered; he conquered his demons and dominated the game like every game was his last. Now the winds have changed and his heart beats again for the one true place he calls “Home.”

He’s back. Awooooo!!!

This is what I love about King James. He knows what he wants and he has a clear vision of where he wants to take his game. I mean, look at how he redefined his physique. Consistency and commitment is what I admire about the king. Let’s just say, like a true Lebron fan that I am, my heart “skipped a beat” with this short film and I love the way Beats by Dre synergized their product to Lebron’s story. Short of saying, “this is a new time, a new mission, a new promise.” He is now home with a brand new beat. I can’t wait for the regular season and watch him drive those monster tomahawk jams again to the ring. These Powerbeats2 will surely be on my Christmas list. Yo, Santa! Hook me up why don’t ya!


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