We and Us

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We and Us

Words: Joaquin Pedro Valdes and Moira Dela Torre
Music: Moira Dela Torre
Musical Arrangement: Mon Faustino
Video: Ace Laurence Sayat, Gelo Zayco, John Barsaga, Paulo Camacho, Gilbert Avina


Rainbow notes up on the wall
Dancing children under rainfalls
Perfect sunsets set to 10
Then we begin again


There’s a ribbon in the sky
Painting rivers on the moonlight
Moving pictures say the words
Of a story that begins


I’ll hold your hand and wipe your tears
We’ll laugh until we run out of years


No matter if our blue skies turn to gray
There’s a ray of sun that’s bound to light our way
And although the roads are rough
I’ll get through it just because

I have my “you”
You have your “me”
No matter what may come
We’ll have our “we and us”


Through tired eyes I see your soul
Promise, you’ll never be alone
When you need life, I’ll give you rest
When you ask for good, I’ll give you best

And once again I was caught off guard
The best surprise is when you gave your heart
As you gaze at the stars tonight
I will gaze at a star more beautiful and bright
And i… I can do this forever
I don’t mind if it gets a little cold
If forever and always, i’ll have you to hold
I can do this forever
You and me
We and us

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