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I have never been the type to buy new gadgets. Ever since I could recall I have never gotten out of my way to buy the newest type of technology out there. Maybe it is because I have always believed in the adage “ if it is not broke, why fix it? “. A little too frank but it has been a belief of mine and has worked so far. I’d like to stress SO FAR.

The last time I got a new phone was around January of this year, when my wife bought me one, because my old unit was 5 years old, colors chipped and looked so dilapidated it could break into a million pieces. Why did I stick with it? I think it is because I just needed a form of communication for texting and calling. That’s it.

But with the current lifestyle that a person like myself should have, it is about time to be more open to new things. Gone are the days that you need to make a phone call on your landline by your living room. Time has passed too that in order to be on the internet you have to go in front of a desktop computer, dial up an internet connection and then browse using a mouse. Now the technological advancements these days have erased the“ old school “. Everything is smaller, more compact and definitely more mobile.

I am a freelance assistant director by occupation. I need to be in tune with the newest updates on television, music, fashion and anything that is out there to further enhance my creative juices. I also read briefs, scripts and storyboards all the time. Plus it has been a necessity to have a tablet for those on the go meetings and presentations. So why not get one?

The ASUS Fonepad 8 seems the perfect fit for me. It is an 8 inch tablet that is also a cell phone, two birds with one stone I say. Its design compliments how I want my gadgets to look like, sleek and sturdy. The back cover has a matte finish with very little detail, making it very easy to grip and not too loud to carry. The sides of the Fonepad 8 has gold trim finish that really compliments the overall look. It is big enough for a phone, compact enough for a computer, just the right fit.

The unit has a dock on the right side for two sim cards and a micro sd card, perfect for myself because I need the extra memory for contacts and important files. The front part of it has a 1280 x 800 resolution display, bigger that the usual tablet or phone, just perfect in watching videos, presentations or the occasional funny bulldog video on Youtube.

It runs on a 64-bit Intel Moorefield Z3530 Quad-Core Processor, making the tablet lightening fast when running apps, playing games and web browsing.

The two front speakers are awesome because all the sound coming out of the unit, it feels clearer and louder. The ergonomics feel the same except there is no external button for the home setting making it a purely touch-ready phone tablet. No biggie.

The Fonepad 8 also has a 2 megapixel front camera and a 5 megapixel back camera. I seldom take pictures and videos but it does the job when I need to take pictures for storyboard references, take videos for behind the scene coverage or the seldom selfie I have with my wife. For calling , it might seem a little odd that the unit doesn’t come with a hands free head set but you could always take your phone calls in a more private area as to not appear loud. And, being that the Philippines is the texting capital of the world, utilizing the Fonepad 8’s keyboard is quite friendly to the fingers and easy enough to maneuver. I can quickly type down notes or reply to my contacts at ease.

Of course, mobile or tablet devices are usually personalized by the applications a person downloads. A great thing about the Fonepad 8 is that it already has most of the basic applications I use like Gmail, Facebook and Twitter. Internally the unit has a variety of ASUS applications that can be utilized not only for social media but for work as well. This really caught my eye because some other gadgets out there just do not offer these personal touches for their consumers.

Again, I am not a person who day dreams about getting a new tablet or mobile phone. It is more of being practical I suppose. But now, I’d like to make an exception for the ASUS Fonepad 8. For an entry level purchase of such a gadget, I really got a big bang for my buck. It is well-made. The look and feel is right. Nothing bold or too out there, but it is beautiful, sleek and well crafted. The capacity of it as a phone and as a tablet is at par with the more known brands. The ease of using it as a multimedia device is evidence enough that it is a good buy. I like it, and will learn to love it for sure. It takes a lot out of me to buy anything new but this was probably one of the best buys I have done in years, except my lady’s engagement ring.

Unit Price: Php 11,995.00


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