A Simple Vow

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On December 11, 2015 in front of the some of our dearest friends and family… I made a vow to my wife Agee. This is what she received:

“Grace is a magnificent thing.

I wake up everyday wondering how the creator of the Universe, the designer of all things Beautiful and Good can Love someone so imperfect, and flawed like me.

How can love be so unconditional, pure, and free?

I wrestle with this perfect Love quite often, challenging it, doubting, it, questioning it… there must be a catch? Something so good, has had to have come with a price.

And It did.. but the most incredible thing is that it was already paid for.- so it’s free and unconditional.

Grace is a marvellous thing.

No matter how far you attempt to run away from it. It always finds you.
No matter how unfaithful, you are. It always remains.
No matter how fearful you are. It always sustains.
I have had many reasons to run away. I have had many reasons to doubt and stop believing- in God, in Love, in Marriage, and in Hope…

But Grace is an amazing thing.

Grace is constant, pure, passionate and powerful.
Grace is merciful, inclusive, undconditional and keeps no record of wrong.

All that Love… just because.

I could never fully grasp it.
I never fully understood it… until I met you.
While I have the rest of our lives to keep doubting, asking, challenging and wrestling…

I now also have you, Agee
You are my Grace.
You are my perfect Love.
You are my mercy.
You are my future.
You are my hope.

God has brought me to you to give me a better glimpse at how deep, far and wide his Grace is.
So I can better comprehend it,
So I can better understand it.

My vow is simple-

I will love you, now and forever with the same amazing Grace that God has loved me with through you.

I will be constant.
I will remain.
I will be steadfast.
I will sustain.
When you ask for good, I will give you Best.
When you need life, I will give you rest.
I will not promise you the things only God can bring us like joy, security, happiness and comfort.
But I will promise you a Love that is unquestionable, real and relentless.
I promise you more rainbow post its.
I promise you more perfect 10 sunsets.
I promise more ribbons in the sky, dancing in the rain, and moon rivers.
I promise more laughs, and happy tears.
I promise you more surprises until we run out of years.

I will love you…. Just because.

There is no greater Love than this.

I’m laying down my life for you- my wife, my lover, my soul, my best friend.”


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JPV is a professional TV commercial director, an independent filmmaker, an entrepreneur and a jerky maker. As sophisticated as he thinks he is, his wife thinks otherwise. He has a hard time fitting into RTW pants, and prefers to drink a peaty Islay scotch or a Bombay Tonic.

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