Essentials For Every Father, and Every Son


The Grooming Gathering

Union Station Barbershop x Salon


Those Three Words

“I just want you to be like you were before,” she said.


Living Through The Console Wars

Many people have told me that I waste too much time on video games.


The One With The Post-Its Proposal

A moment when all she had to consider was Love.


Dancing the Third-World Tango

I was fed up with trying to paint a picture of someone that I, a Filipino, was not.


The Rizals of Intramuros

These are my friends from within the walls.


Made In Marikina

Reviving the Legend of an Artisan City


Berto’s First Shoe: The Works

The blog is, afterall, called Berto in Brogues; so what’s a Berto without his Brogues?


Berto’s Wish List: Watches

We've come up with a concise list of wearable clocks from those we can afford to those we can aspire for this Christmas.


The One With All the Bertos…

This blog is for every Filipino. This blog is for every Berto.

Berto’s First Kapihan

Berto gathered some of his friends for an afternoon of Gentleman’s Drinks.


An Incontrovertible Queso De Bola

It’s the Filipino Christmas in a box. It’s the Filipino experience in a bite.


The First Watch

I do remember my very first watch, but I'd rather talk about the first watch I earned.


Golden Boy

The Taming of a Filipino Millennial


So You Want to Buy a Suit…

Here's a simple guide in choosing your suit style.


The Better Dude Movement

It's not just tonsorial, but also therapeutic.


The Man In The Rain (Haiyan, A Year Hence)

A year after Haiyan, we remember Tacloban and a man who inspired us to stay relevant.


Let Him Play!

He’s living out his dreams, but he’s also living out the dreams of millions.

The Choice logo

The Choice 2016

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Every year, food blogger collective The Kain Tulog Gang, launches a poll on the best restaurants around. Filipino restaurants, chefs and flavors are quickly getting attention from the international food community and critics. We've hosted a couple of Madrid Fusion conventions and we also hosted the World Street Food Congress recently...

A Vision of #DuLeni

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This was a Facebook status that I posted on the morning of May 10th a day after the National Elections. What I didn't include was the fact that Agee and I almost got into a fight. A fight where neither of us was wrong, but we were approaching the same...

A Tale of Two Philippines

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This election season has been a very interesting ride. One can argue that it is the most polarising and emotional one since people seem to be so impassioned by their opinion. On the other hand I imagine previous elections particularly during the Marcos era to be just as dirty, scandalous and...
LAS VEGAS, NV - JULY 23, 2008-  Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant took his team to the NBA finals, but was not able to win the championship.

The Kobe We Know

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Let me start by saying I’m a Jordan guy. I was born in Chicago, Illinois and I was raised in San Francisco, California until I moved to the Philippines for good. Each member of my family is a die-hard Michael Jordan fan. Even with all the gambling, the greed and...

WEDDING PLANNING, petitioner, vs. AGEE ROMERO, respondent. 

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“Law school, bar exams, and the wedding are done! I can finally write for Berto,” I told Joaquin. His eyes lit up. “What should I write about?” I asked. He grinned. “Wedding planning,” he answered. What did I get myself into? My husband’s sense of humour was not lost on...

Easy like Sunday Morning…

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“Oh, you have a store now? Nice!” This might be the most common line people say when they find out they know someone that put up their own establishment. There is a sense of being proud because you could never have known a person you knew since back in the...